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    Väska is a brand that supports minimalism and elegance at the same time. Each bag is 100% made out of leather, passion, and innovation to offer a unique experience every time you choose to wear its bags and boost your look.

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    Valera VÄSKA Bag

    Valera VÄSKA Bag

    This bag can do both. You can wear it as a backpack for your morning look at work or university. And when going out with your friends, you can wear it on your shoulder.
    590 EGP
    Vanity  VÄSKA  Bag Burgundy

    Vanity VÄSKA Bag

    Dimensions: 39 cm height *29 cm width (15 inch) the beauty Vanity is that it leaves your hands free for carrying coffee, checking social media on your phone, it looks extremely elegant with how slim it is and extremely practical with how much of your stuff you can put inside , there is a designated cushioned compartment for your laptop, apart from that there is a place for your charger and more pockets for your notebook and pens in addition to a zipper pocket for small valuables. In addition to the backstraps it comes with 2 metal handels with matching leather to that of the bag so that you have additional option of holding it elegantly on your arms
    749 EGP
    Vinci VÄSKA Bag Brown

    Vinci VÄSKA Bag

    This simple bag is suitable for night outings when you don't need to pack a lot of stuff. Its high-quality leather promises durability.
    495 EGP
    Picture of Viva VÄSKA  Bag

    Viva VÄSKA Bag

    For those who are looking for effortless elegance, this is what you are looking for. Its simple design and bold colors will add a touch of edginess to your outfit.
    420 EGP
    Picture of Vondra VÄSKA  Bag

    Vondra VÄSKA Bag

    This shoulder bag is suitable for your morning looks. Wear with basic colors and let its distinct shape be the centerpiece of your outfit.
    365 EGP
    Picture of Vrownie VÄSKA  Bag

    Vrownie VÄSKA Bag

    This sophisticated yet classy design bag will be perfect for your everyday look at your work or university. You can pack all that you need because of its capacity.
    580 EGP
    Picture of VÄSKA Micha

    VÄSKA Micha

    This light bag is perfect for night outings or special occasions and when you need to pack a few stuff like a mobile, makeup, money, and a power bank.
    580 EGP
    Vanessa VÄSKA Bag White

    Vanessa VÄSKA Bag

    Designed with double layered leather to insure maximum quality and safety, the inner pouch is made of sturdy fabric. The strings of the pouch are madebof the same leather and color of the bag to match it with metal clippings. The pouch can be removed for cleaning, and the bag comes with 2 straps, small shoulder one and a long one to be used as shoulder or cross. Dimensions : 26*23*10 cm
    650 EGP
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